Terms & Conditions

1. An initial investigative meeting is usually undertaken free of charge. Following this, a written proposal can be prepared, outlining the methodology, timescales and costs. On acceptance of a proposal, a purchase order or other form of written confirmation is requested before charges are incurred.

2. For ongoing projects, fees and expenses are agreed in advance at the commencement of each new stage. Invoices are submitted on completion of individual programmes or monthly for ongoing project in advance.

3. A charge is made for training materials, and will be agreed in advance. Other expenses, supported by invoice, are passed on at cost.
4. Development time for bespoke training materials is charged at the standard fee rate.

6. VAT is charged at the current rate.

7. Please pay invoices within 2 weeks of receipt to my UK address. Bank details are available on request for automated payment systems.

8. Supporting timesheets are provided for consultancy projects where agreed.

9. Cancellation charges may be requested when contracted work is cancelled at short notice. This will be dependant to my ability to resell the time which had been reserved for the cancelled work. In practice, 100% of fees may be charged where less than one week’s notice is given, and 50% for cancellation within one calendar month.
Whilst I am always happy to negotiate with regard to the requirements of specific projects, these are general terms and conditions which seem to work satisfactorily for most of my clients.

Please contact me if you need further information or have any particular requirements not covered here. These terms and conditions are current at September 2009. However, I reserve the right to amend or renegotiate in the future.

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