What do you need?

Experience and skills you can count on – in one effective personal package

Coaching and mentoring:
bringing focus to your teams and life

  • Act as an objective sounding board or role play before a big meeting.
  • Helping your key team member take their next career step.
  • Decide what’s next or transition into a new area
  • Manage your emotional intelligence

Business and team assessment:
challenging you and your business

  • Overview of your business or teams from an expert’s point of view.
  • Strategy to drive your business forward.
  • Assist in changing the team or implementing new processes.

Marketing services: making marketing easy to understand and get value

  • Does your mission statement match your vision and goals?
  • Mission statement that matches your vision and goals.
  • Sales strategy that links to your overall business goals.
  • A communication strategy that “talks” to your staff AND your customers
  • Driving business development.
  • New product development.
  • Managing campaigns and new product launches.
  • PR and reputation management plan.

Design, print and packaging development:
bringing creativity and value

  • Cost-effectiveness review.
  • Implementing a “green” policy.
  • Sourcing, printing and repro training.

Innovations and product development:
giving you a future revenue stream

  • Identifying your business development stream.
  • Product development strategy.
  • Assessing product development systems and processes, effectiveness and value they bring.

Sales development and team training:
bringing you focus and drive

  • Ascertaining where your sales are coming from.
  • Effective sales targetting and key account plans.
  • Reviewing product knowledge and sales packs.
  • Assessing motivation levels within your sales team.
  • Discover how they “sell” you and your business.
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